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Processing lost wax

Published : 02/20/2015 08:02:14
Categories : Things to know


We found evidence of this process in Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, and in America pre-Columbian.
Today, the process is conceptually the same, even if the benefits of the technological level of our time.
The process is also known by the name of "micro melting".

The procedure consists in the realization of one original model which will then be replicated in multiple copies.

After preparing the "prototype" in gold or other material, it builds a special rubber mold, reusable many times and in what will be pouring the melted wax.

Opening the mold, you can extract the wax copy of the original model.

The sequence will be repeated as many times as you want to replicate the objects

Each wax copy will be assembled on a support of central wax: the final image will look like a tree with many branches that end with the wax copy of the original model.
The structure thus obtained will be inserted in a metal cylinder intended to be filled with a mixture based refractory silicon dioxide (cristobalite), apparently similar to plaster and enough liquid but that it can solidify and resist to high temperatures

To facilitate the compaction and the degassing of the refractory, the cylinder is subjected vibration and depression in a specific vacuum bell.
Subsequently, the cylinder will be placed in the oven in which it will be subjected to temperatures of about 200 °, according to a precise heating curve.
This will allow the hardening of the refractory, the melting and the total elimination of the wax, as well as preheating required to receive the jet of molten gold, which will fill all spaces laciati free from wax.

After cooling, the metal cylinder may be opened to extract the mixture of refractory, intended to be broken.
From inside emerge then "a tree" in gold, with many branches, the ends of which can be cut each copy faithful to the original model.
Each single object must then be completed and finished by hand.

The process lost wax can also be used for the creation of a single original jewel.
In the case of jewelry with a particularly articulated structure, as three-dimensional figures or in relief, you can sculpt directly wax.
This realization necessarily requires ability sculptural not indifferent, also taking into account the small size of the objects.
Then will follow the procedure described above, during which the wax object will be lost, thus allowing the realization of an exclusive jewel and unrepeatable.

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