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When you say gold, pure gold, 750 gold, 18 carat gold .... and ...

Published : 02/20/2015 08:04:54
Categories : Things to know


There is gold and gold, but fortunately (and by law), each jewel must indicate the amount of contained gold and the identification mark of the manufacturer

In Italy, the amount of gold is expressed in millesimal and, in short, is called "title".

The "title" longer in use is the "750 ‰", which means that the jewel is made from 750 parts pure gold and 250 parts of other metals, usually copper and silver.


The "alloy" is intended to allow the jewel a greater resistance to wear and deformation, compared to pure gold which - as is known - is a metal "soft" and easily malleable.

The indication of the "title" is represented enrolled in a geometric figure, according to its title.

The gold alloy with title "750 ‰", is commonly called "18 carat gold"

The gold is said instead "pure" when it reaches the title of 999 ‰, also known as "24 carat gold"

Measurement origin in "carats"

The carat is a unit of measure that identifies 0.2 grams.

The word comes from the Arabic "qirat" and means "twenty-fourth of part."

Even the Greeks, they adopted a similar measure, the "keration" referring to the seeds of the carob that it is believed to have a uniform weight, equal to about 1/5 of a gram.

In truth it is a myth by now debunked that the seeds of the carob tree all have the same weight, but the use of the term "carat" and its size are still in use, as well as in the jewelery sector, also in the precious stones and pearls.

As for the gold, the term carat is universally accepted and identifies the parts of gold in an alloy expressed in ventiquattresimi, as by Arab origins.

Pure gold is then referred to as " 24-karat gold," or twenty-four twenty-fourths (24/24)

In the gold alloys, one carat of gold is therefore equivalent to the one part on the total of 24 parts that make up the league.

The definition "18 karat gold" indicates that the alloy is composed of 18 parts of pure gold and 6 parts of other metals.

The letters with which is shortened the word "carat" differs depending on whether it is gold or precious stones.

In the case of gold, the abbreviation is "kt" or only "k", and for precious stones and pearls, the acronym is abbreviativa "Ct".

Therefore we will have that gold may be indicated, for example, as follows:

Pure gold: "Gold 999 ‰" euivalente to "24 kt", or "24k gold."

Alloy Gold: Gold 750 ‰, equivalent to "18 kt gold," or "18k gold

For precious stones and pearls, however, the carat takes the value of 0.2 grams.

Therefore the indication given for a diamond - for example - is that a diamond of 1.50 Ct is equivalent to 0.30 grams.

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