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White gold is really white?

Published : 02/20/2015 11:13:17
Categories : Things to know

The 18K white goldalso called gold 750is composed of 750 parts of yellow gold and 250 parts of other metals "white" (normally nickel, silver and palladium).
It can turn all in white gold?

Unfortunately, no!
To give to the white gold "his final appearance", by which we know it, we must cover it with a thin layer of rhodium that, with time, will wear doing resurface the original color of the alloy.
The process is called "Rhodium" and occurs through a galvanic (electrolysis) in salt of rhodium, a metal much more precious than gold.
The layer of rhodium that will cover the jewel will be of some micron (thousandths of a millimeter).

Important information:
Directive 94/27 /CE
Of July 21, 2001, the gold objects made using alloys containing nickel, must have a supply of this metal, on human skin, of less than 0.5 micrograms per square centimeter of skin, in a week.

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