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The Diamond as an investment

Published : 02/21/2015 09:05:19
Categories : Diamonds

d7Investing in Diamonds

The Diamond as an investment

Many are trying by arguments more or less complex to endorse the goodness of the investment in diamonds..

We say simply this:

when you will restore to us a diamond purchased from us, to take one more
larger, we will recognize you a value equal to the sale of Diamonds that have the same characteristics

we call it "Diamond in Growth

Is a good way to make a gift that astonishes, which is reevaluated constantly and that allows you to reach, in the time that you establish
you, a diamond of appreciable size without ever having to commit large sums.

the packaging and the
Diamond in Growth


Our Diamonds

d_unoOur diamonds are all accompanied by a certificate issued by the major
Isituti of Gemology national and international


The pack

The packaging is prestigious: Container box, box, blister and certification

The "Diamond in Growth"


It works so

Each diamond is individually sealed in a blister which contains data quality and identification

Ethical Diamonds

Our diamonds are from areas not in conflict, according to the protocol of Kimberley


When you buy a "Diamond in Growth" add our "Card" plasticized, in duplicate.

The copy with the reported value is for the Buyer and the similar, but without indication of the value is for the recipient of the Diamond in Growth

When we will restore the Diamond, preserved in its original packaging, for change with a larger, we recognize the value of sales equal to that of a diamond with the same characteristics.
If the price of diamonds were to be increased us will recognize the most value.
If the price of diamonds were to be reduced us will recognize the write value on the card


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