Clean and store gold jewelry

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Boil jewels in soap and water is very dangerous ! They would run very serious risks!

Is sufficient just a common degreaser soap, a toothbrush soft and rinsing in warm water.

Should however be noted that this procedure is well suited only for the types of gold jewelry set with diamonds or synthetic stones.  This will be able to restore, in particular to the stones, their natural shine.
To give to the gold a high gloss, very probably may be helpful to have specific cloth, normally used by the jewelers..

Washing is totally discouraged if the jewelry have alterable stones like amber, coral, ivory, pearls etc.,
Similarly, washing should not be applied to jewelry set with precious stones like emerald or stones that may appear uneven as opals, as they may be seriously damaged.
In the case of these jewels, or in the case where gold is particularly damaged, it is convenient to use its jeweler

Finally, as regards the preservation, while you do not require special environmental conditions, it becomes extremely important to keep separate the various jewels, given that the precious gems can cause scratches and abrasions to gold, depriving the jewel of its brightness.

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