Your pack shipment

Once the payment is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.
Packages are generally dispatched within 1 working days by express courier DHL.

Shipping with DHL Express National and International.

For Italy and for amounts over € 300 is FREE. For lower amounts the cost is € 12.
For European Union amounts over € 510 is FREE. For smaller amounts the cost is € 20 or 24.
For European Union and for United Kingdom, amounts over € 510 is FREE. For smaller amounts, the costs can range from €20 to €24
For Out European Union and for amounts over € 800 is FREE. For smaller amounts the cost is € 33.

Concurrently with the delivery, will be announced the number of "tracking" that will allow you to control on-line the path of the package.
Shipping charges are inclusive of packaging.
In case of buying more products, we advise you to group items in a single order.
You can not group two distinct orders placed separately, and it will be applied to each of the shipping charges.

Parcel insurance 

The insurance is not included in the shipping cost. You can agree to specific forms of shipping and insurance. 

NOTE: E 'can also collect items and make payment directly to the headquarters of the Jewellery Tanini.

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For countries outside the EU, the local offices of the Customs may make a charge of customs clearance of the parcel

If you have questions you can contact our telephone number +39 06 9968253 or send us an e-mail.

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